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KLD Labs, Inc.

KLD Labs, Inc. designs, develops, manufactures and supports automated onboard and wayside machine vision systems for optimizing railway maintenance practices and asset management.  KLD pioneered the development of the first profile measurement systems for railway application with the US Department of Transportation in 1976.  Our company technology is now in its 9th generation and there are approximately 500 of KLD's recent generation machine vision systems operating in 32 counties.  These systems measure and inspect wheels, brakes, bogies, couplers, various vehicle components and rails.   KLD's answer for managing the "Big Data" generated by its wayside systems' is our TrainBase application.  Designed to facilitate Condition Based Maintenance (CBM) and asset management , the software utilizes a standard browser interface to access the wear database.  It provides tools for generating tabular fleet exception reports, alerts, wear trends, and graphical, statistical and predictive maintenance reports.  TrainBase exports data to most desired formats as well as to 3rd Party analysis and enterprise asset management (EAM) software systems.   The company is headquartered approximately an hour from New York City on Long Island in Hauppauge, New York.


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