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  • Heavy Rail Operators
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  • Freight Rail Operators
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COOs, VPs, Directors, Managers, Team Leads & Chiefs Of...

  • Director/Heads of:
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Engineering
  • Maintenance & Planning
  • Engineering and Fleet Vehicles
  • Rail Maintenance
  • Rolling Stock
  • Operations
  • Asset Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Fleet Maintenance/Management
  • Rolling Stock Condition Monitoring
  • Rail Systems
  • Rolling Stock Reliability
  • Network Operations
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Wayside diagnostics


  • Rolling Stock Manufacturers
  • Rolling Stock Maintenance Services
  • Controls, Electro-Mechanical Equipment and Drives
  • Overhaul, Maintenance, Repair & Refurbishment
  • Wireless Networks
  • Rail Equipment - Suspension, Wheels,Avis
  • Infrastructure Engineering & Maintenance
  • Engineering, Test & testing Equipment
  • IIoT, Cloud & Big Data Analytics
  • Motion And Fluid Control Technology
  • CBM Technologies And Services
  • Sub Contractors
  • Fleet Management Services
  • Manufacturers of Wheels, Axels, Gear Boxes, Traction Motors, Bearings
  • Life-Cycle Extension Technologies
  • Diagnostic Systems
  • Automation Technology
  • Maintenance Facility Design, Engineering and Construction Companies
  • Asset Management Services

Bob Spadafora

Senior Executive Officer - Rail Fleet Services

LA Metro

Bob has worked in transit industry for over 33 years with extensive knowledge in rail vehicle engineering, design, operations and maintenance. Bob has a Bachelor's of Engineering degree in Electrical Engineering. He has had the honor and privilege to have worked for some of the transit industries finest equipment manufacturers/car builders (Morrison-Knudsen, Siemens Transportation Systems), transit consultants (Parsons-Brinkerhoff, Parsons, International Aviation Consultants) and transit agencies (NYCT, BSDA, MARTA, LA Metro) gaining a very diverse and unique transportation perspective. Couple this with specific experience with rail vehicle manufacturing, engineering/design, testing/commissioning, systems integration/acceptance, start-up/revenue service operations and vehicle maintenance makes Bob an extremely valuable player to have on your transit team. Bob's continues to push new and better ways to move the transit industry forward by promoting new technologies and ideas.

Some of his major Rail Transit accomplishments include:

  • Member of the NYCT Door Task Force - solved fleet-wide door switch problem
  • Major contributor to the NYTA Vehicle Overhauls - R32, R42 and R46 cars
  • Development and Acceptance of new and overhaul car procurements for NYCT, BSDA, MARTA, HJAIA, Valley Metro, MBTA, Houston Metro and LA Metro
  • Major contributor to the Reliability Center Maintenance program for MARTA and LA Metro.
  • Start-up LRT System in St. Louis, MO including setting up a transit ride for President Bill Clinton.
  • Testing, Commissioning and Acceptance of heavy and light rail vehicles
  • Development of heavy and light rail Operations & Maintenance plans
  • Start-up LRT line in St. Louis for the Bi-State Development Agency
  • Start-up LRTs and Expansions Projects for Expo, Crenshaw, Red and Gold Lines for LA Metro
Bob Spadafora
CEO Interview


Register For 1, 2 Or 3 Days

Day 1 - Digitization of Maintenance, Procurement And The Obsolescence Challenge, Including:
  • Optimizing Your Systems And Processes In A Doing More With Less Operating Environment
  • Inhouse vs Outsource - Exploring The Opportunities To Outsource Your Maintenance Engineering Function And The Cost And Operational Benefits You Can Achieve
  • Understanding The Solutions Available to Overcome The Challenge Of Obsolescence And Lack Of Supply Of Replacement Components
  • Justifying Budgets To Implement Affordable Digitization & New Technology Initiatives That Prioritize Maintenance Cost Reduction Benefits To Improve Fleet Reliability
  • Exploring The New IoT Technologies That Can Generate Actionable Intelligence To Enhance Your Current Approaches To Maintenance
  • Evaluating The Cost Effective Onboard And Wayside Monitoring Solutions Available That Wont Break The Bank In A Budget Constrained Operating Environment
Day 2 - Workforce, Big Data & Next Gen Technologies, Including:
  • Attracting Talent & Transforming Your Workforce To Engage With The Opportunities Of Digitization
  • Understanding Training Approaches To Ensure Your Workforce Is Efficient and Knowledgeable Across Multiple Hardware And Software Systems
  • How Do you Analyze The Large Amounts Of Big Data That Is Being Generated To Prioritize Actions And Effectively Maintain Your Fleet?
  • Understanding The Analytical And Engineering Skills That Your Current And Future Workforce Will Need To Possess To Operate Effectively In The New Data Rich Maintenance Environment
  • Exploring The Next Generation Technologies & Software Solutions That Are Set To Transform Your Strategic Maintenance Approach
  • Examining The Transformation Of Maintenance Centres With Industry 4.0 Technologies
Day 3 - Interactive Workshop Sessions:
  • Workshop A: Practical Examples Of The Strategies That You Can Put In Place To Ensure The Continuous Supply Of Component Parts And Overcome The Obsolescence Challenges You Face
  • Workshop B: Big Data: How Can You Effectively Utilize Big Data To Enable Condition Based Monitoring and Extend The Recommended Life Of Your Fleet


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