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Learn how to:

  • Comparing And Contrasting Approaches To Long Term Vehicle Condition Based Maintenance
  • Replacing Legacy Equipment With State Of The Art Equipment And Understanding The New Requirements To Maintain And Operate This
  • Evolving A Workforce That Is Able To Maintain And Operate Rolling Stock As We Continue Through The Lifecycle And Have Newer Systems Installed And Acquired
  • Creating A Solid Structured Maintenance Plan To Achieve The Timely Completion Of Maintenance
  • Cost Analysis Of Different Predictive Maintenance Technologies And Establishing The Return On Investment Of Implementing These Technologies

Thomas Dietrich

Acting VP of Vehicle Maintenance

Chicago Transit Authority

Thomas Dietrich is the Acting VP of Vehicle Maintenance for the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). With over 35 years of Rail Transit experience, Dietrich is responsible for the maintenance and daily operations for nine rail terminals and one heavy rail maintenance facility.

Key areas of his responsibility include the planning, preparation, and anticipation of approaching inclement weather. He assures maximum equipment availability, sufficient workforce, and emergency planning.

Dietrich also oversees the > 75 KPIs that measure CTA performance in four major categories including cleanliness, timeliness, efficiency and labor. He manages cost reductions as a result of analyzing data to pinpoint subsystems in need of performance improvements, especially as a result of the harsh weather.

Thomas Dietrich


Meet Senior Decison Makers From

  • Rail Agencies
  • Metro Operators
  • Rail Car Manufactorers
  • Equipment Providers
  • Technological Providers

With The Following Job Titles

COOs, VPs, Directors, Managers, Team Leads & Chiefs Of...

  • Rolling Stock
  • Maintenance
  • Engineering
  • Innovation
  • Asset Management
  • State Of Good Repair
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • High Speed Rail
  • Fleet
  • Systems
  • Shops
  • Revenue Equipment


  •     Rail Car Manufacturers
  •     Rolling Stock Maintenance Services
  •     Equipment Suppliers
  •     CBM Technologies And Services
  •     Sub Contractors
  •     Fleet Management Services
  •     Manufacturers of Wheels, Axels, Gear Boxes, Traction Motors, Bearings
  •     Life-Cycle Extension Technologies
  •     Diagnostic Systems
  •     Data Analytics
  •     Automation Technology
  •     Maintenance Facility Design, Engineering and Construction Companies
  •     Motion And Fluid Control Technology
  •     Analytic Software
  •     Asset Management Services


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