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Pre- Conference Workshops on Monday, 18 March 2019

Morning Workshop  10:30 - 13:00


Understanding The Complicated World Of Digital Innovation And How It Relates To Rolling Stock Maintenance

It is now common knowledge that new technologies can revolutionize the way we maintain rolling stocks, enabling significant cost savings whilst improving safety and reliability of services. What is less well understood is how to navigate this new world of multiple IT systems, massive data and algorithms.  The agencies, academics and technology providers attending this workshop will identify common challenges and issues and find solutions to their questions in the ever-changing world of maintenance digitalization.

Part one:  Understanding The Fundamentals Of IP And Computer Networks

  • Explaining common terms such as routing gateways and IP addresses
  • Answering your questions on IT best practices
  • How does everything interact?

Part two: Making Sense Of Big Data

  • Key Performance Indicators to re- focus your maintenance activities
  • Which data is relevant, and why? And how should it be used?
  • What methods are there for an organization to improve quality of data?
  • How to get rid of random input and standardize it without making the system too cumbersome


Clive Cashin, Rolling Stock Manager, Serco Middle East

Mike Nabhan, Asset Management Administrator/Report Developer, Regional Transportation District-Denver

Afternoon Workshop  - 14:30 - 17:00


Addressing The Skills Gap In Rolling Stock Maintenance Teams

This working group will be discussing one of the most pressing issues in modern rail maintenance, the skills gap that is hindering modern maintenance practices and processes.

This workshop will be looking at finding solutions to the following major challenges:

  • How to evolve a workforce to be able to maintain and operate rolling stock as new technologies are introduced and implemented
  • How to attract young talent to the industry

Part one: Retraining And Job Reclassification

  • Acclimatizing your workforce to the changing technology of the rolling stock that you are maintaining
  • Job reclassification
  • Dealing with collective bargaining agreements and the unions
  • Retraining methods, in house or outsource?

Part two: Attracting Young Talent To The Rail Industry

  • Learning from other industries
  • Industry and technical schools partnerships
  • Selling the 'sexy' side of rail
  • Case studies of successful recruitment campaigns


Clive Cashin, Rolling Stock Manager, Serco Middle East

Devin Rouse, Director, Passenger Rail Division - Office of Railroad Safety, Federal Railroad Administration, US Dept. of Transportation

Vernon Hartsock, Chief Engineer, Maryland Transit Administration

Richard Stelmach, Deputy Director, Modernization Knorr Rail Service, Knorr Brake Company

Michael Woodburn, Engineering/Training Supervisor,Tri-County Metropolitan Transportation District of Oregon (TriMet)

Lauren Sugerman, Director, National Center for Women's Equity in Apprenticeship and Employment, Chicago Women in Trades



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