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COOs, VPs, Directors, Managers, Team Leads & Chiefs Of...

  • Director/Heads of:
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Engineering
  • Maintenance & Planning
  • Engineering and Fleet Vehicles
  • Rail Maintenance
  • Rolling Stock
  • Operations
  • Asset Management
  • Data Analytics
  • Fleet Maintenance/Management
  • Rolling Stock Condition Monitoring
  • Rail Systems
  • Rolling Stock Reliability
  • Network Operations
  • Intelligent Transport Systems
  • Wayside diagnostics


  • Rolling Stock Manufacturers
  • Rolling Stock Maintenance Services
  • Controls, Electro-Mechanical Equipment and Drives
  • Overhaul, Maintenance, Repair & Refurbishment
  • Wireless Networks
  • Rail Equipment - Suspension, Wheels,Avis
  • Infrastructure Engineering & Maintenance
  • Engineering, Test & testing Equipment
  • IIoT, Cloud & Big Data Analytics
  • Motion And Fluid Control Technology
  • CBM Technologies And Services
  • Sub Contractors
  • Fleet Management Services
  • Manufacturers of Wheels, Axels, Gear Boxes, Traction Motors, Bearings
  • Life-Cycle Extension Technologies
  • Diagnostic Systems
  • Automation Technology
  • Maintenance Facility Design, Engineering and Construction Companies
  • Asset Management Services

30+ Industry Speakers - See Speakers Tab For Full Listing

Corina Moore

Corina Moore

President and CEO

Ontario Northland

Kevin B. Quinn, Jr.

Kevin B. Quinn Jr.

Administrator & CEO

Maryland Transit Administration

Jeffrey Parker

Jeffrey A. Parker

General Manager & CEO

Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority

Rachelle Glazier

Rachelle Glazier

Chief Mechanical Officer

Canadian National

Tom Rutkowski

Tom Rutkowski

VP & Chief Mechanical Officer



Devin Rouse

Director, Passenger Rail Division - Office of Railroad Safety

Federal Railroad Administration

Bob Spadafora

Bob Spadafora

Senior Executive Officer - Rail Fleet Services

LA Metro

alex rosales

Alex Rosales

Business Development & Support Manager


Francesco Palmeri

Frank Palmeri

Vice President - Reliability Engineering & Asset Management

Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority

Mark Thompson

Mark Thompson

Sr. Engineer/Supervisor, Rail Equipment

RTD Light Rail Operations Facility, Denver

Derek Maier

Derek Maier

Senior Manager, Equipment Engineering


Marvin Hurt

Marvin Hurt

Director Fleet Engineering - Operations

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)

Eddy Zuppel

Eddy Zuppel

Program Leader - Vehicle Propulsion Technologies

National Research Council Canada

Dr. Yan Liu

Dr. Yan Liu

Principal Researcher

National Research Council of Canada

Dr Deepak Tripathi

Dr Deepak Tripathi

Chief Mechanical Engineer & Head of Rolling Stock O&M

KonKan Railway Corporation India 

Gerald Schinagl

Gerald Schinagl

Digital Innovation Manager



Guennadi Moussienko

Manager Rail Vehicle Engineering Subway (Heavy Rail)

Toronto Transit Commission

Sergio Barcena

Sergio Barcena

Director of Operations, Planning & Maintenance

Ouigo Espana - High Speed Rail

Michael Spurlock

Michael Spurlock

Signal Supervisor


Richard Gardiner

Richard Gardiner

Sector Lead - Rail

Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre


Max Vibaek

Manager of Rolling Stock Discipline

Metroselskabet I/S

Dr. Kang Kuen Lee

Dr. Kang Kuen Lee

Professor and Fellow

Polytechnic University of Hong Kong and Mass Transit Railway Academy, Hong Kong

Kevin Hope

Kevin Hope

Principal Engineer - Mobile Monitoring

Network Rail

Levente Nogy

Levente Nogy

Senior Design Engineer

Network Rail

North America Passenger Rolling Stock Maintenance Summit 2021

How Do We Adapt To The Current Operating Environment Of
'Doing More With Less'

The key question currently being asked by rail maintenance leaders across the nation is how they can do smarter maintenance right now, by optimizing the technology and systems they already have and by better utilizing the resources they have on hand.

To help the industry make informed decisions around how they can do better maintenance, our upcoming Passenger Rolling Stock Maintenance North America Virtual Congress, taking place online from April 27- 29, 2021, will provide participants with access to 3 entire days of transit agency and rail operator case studies from around North America, as well as additional benchmarking opportunities from case studies being presented by the UK's Network Rail and other leading international rail operators, all of whom have faced the same challenges of lower ridership, and reduced revenues during Covid.  

This year's Congress, taking place in a virtual setting, is not only talking about the overall benefits to fleet reliability and performance when transitioning from a reactive or time-based maintenance approach to a condition-based, predictive model. These have already been widely shared. Its looking in much closer detail at developing specific approaches for extending the life of equipment and assets - and how, practically, operators can optimize and automate all their systems and processes to be more lean; including both existing and new systems for braking systems, lighting systems, battery charger systems, batteries, and wheels.

Bringing Operators And Manufacturers Together To
Identify Solutions To The Challenge Of Improving
Maintenance Regimes With Digitalization, Affordably

In 2021, the entire rolling stock industry needs to get together to discuss the identification of actual solutions. More than ever; on both sides, operators and manufacturers (both of rail cars and equipment) have told us how important it is for them to share information about using existing equipment optimally, and, because condition-based maintenance can actually deliver significant cost savings, many operators have finally been forced to grab the nettle and invest, and need to understand more about the how's of integrating smart systems into maintenance procedures.  

From obsolescence management; overcoming barriers to the adoption of new technology, strategies for implementing new technology, including funding pilots & trial programs, interoperability Issues and having to upgrade maintenance equipment for brand new rolling stock, this 2021 agenda has been extensively researched with the maintenance community from across North America to ensure it will bring the information needed and add value for the industry at this time.    

Curated into a highly-focused program based on operators' recent projects and experiences, the agenda sessions will provide valuable insights for participants on the commercial, technical and practical issues relating to smart maintenance projects. If you need to establish the business case for new technology-based solutions that will optimize rail maintenance operations, generate long-term cost savings and reduce safety risks to both passengers and rail workers, then attending this virtual business conference will give you all the insights, information and connection opportunities that you need.

Previous participants of our virtual events have told us that the experience delivered by American Business Conferences is unlike any other virtual event they have attended. Our primary focus is on delivering exceptional content for senior decision-makers and leaders in rolling stock maintenance and creating a unique live conversation on the virtual platform that will both progress knowledge acquisition and knowledge creation and help inform business decision-making processes.

CEO Interview


Register For 1, 2 Or 3 Days

Day 1 - Digitization of Maintenance, Procurement And The Obsolescence Challenge, Including:
  • Optimizing Your Systems And Processes In A Doing More With Less Operating Environment
  • Inhouse vs Outsource - Exploring The Opportunities To Outsource Your Maintenance Engineering Function And The Cost And Operational Benefits You Can Achieve
  • Understanding The Solutions Available to Overcome The Challenge Of Obsolescence And Lack Of Supply Of Replacement Components
  • Justifying Budgets To Implement Affordable Digitization & New Technology Initiatives That Prioritize Maintenance Cost Reduction Benefits To Improve Fleet Reliability
  • Exploring The New IoT Technologies That Can Generate Actionable Intelligence To Enhance Your Current Approaches To Maintenance
  • Evaluating The Cost Effective Onboard And Wayside Monitoring Solutions Available That Wont Break The Bank In A Budget Constrained Operating Environment
Day 2 - Workforce, Big Data & Next Gen Technologies, Including:
  • Attracting Talent & Transforming Your Workforce To Engage With The Opportunities Of Digitization
  • Understanding Training Approaches To Ensure Your Workforce Is Efficient and Knowledgeable Across Multiple Hardware And Software Systems
  • How Do you Analyze The Large Amounts Of Big Data That Is Being Generated To Prioritize Actions And Effectively Maintain Your Fleet?
  • Understanding The Analytical And Engineering Skills That Your Current And Future Workforce Will Need To Possess To Operate Effectively In The New Data Rich Maintenance Environment
  • Exploring The Next Generation Technologies & Software Solutions That Are Set To Transform Your Strategic Maintenance Approach
  • Examining The Transformation Of Maintenance Centres With Industry 4.0 Technologies
Day 3 - Interactive Workshop Sessions:
  • Workshop A: Practical Examples Of The Strategies That You Can Put In Place To Ensure The Continuous Supply Of Component Parts And Overcome The Obsolescence Challenges You Face
  • Workshop B: Big Data: How Can You Effectively Utilize Big Data To Enable Condition Based Monitoring and Extend The Recommended Life Of Your Fleet


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