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Passenger Rolling Stock Predictive Maintenance And Asset Management

Rail transit agencies across North America are looking to make their trains more available and reliable than ever before by harnessing predictive maintenance and asset management.

But with the advent of new asset management guidelines and final rules from the Federal Transit Authority, agencies must now adapt to answer several key questions:

  • How can we change our asset management program to secure FTA funding?
  • How can we incorporate a predictive maintenance program in a cost-effective manner?
  • How can we effectively maintain train components to extend vehicle lifecycles?
  • How do we interpret the huge quantities of data coming off the train to advise our maintenance?

To address these and many more issues the Rolling Stock Lifecycle Asset Management Summit 2017 will deliver cutting-edge case studies on how to collect data and arrange maintenance to put your transit agency in pole position for future funding.

Following on from the success last year's edition, the congress will reconvene at the Kellogg Conference Center, Washington D.C. this March 15th and 16th - make sure you join us to keep your agency ahead of the curve.


This Is The Industry's Leading Summit On Lifecycle Asset Management And Attendance Will Yield Many Crucial Benefits:

  • Secure Your Agency's Future - Hear the latest directives on data collection, maintenance procedures and record keeping to secure FTA funding
  • Use What You've Got - Utilize components that are already on your fleet to employ an affordable CBM program
  • Prepare For The Weather - Make sure you agency can counter extreme weather conditions while minimizing train component corrosion
  • Consider New Technology - Hear about up-to-the-minute industry technology that can give your asset management program the edge
  • Learn Transferrable Lessons - Find out how another industry is dealing with its asset management challenges to bring savings to your own organization
  • Choose Overhaul Method - Identify the correct performance factors to decide on in-house versus outsourced overhaul


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