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Passenger Rolling Stock Predictive Maintenance And Asset Management

Achieving Full Maintenance Optimization

Now more than ever, it is paramount to streamline and optimize maintenance practices for rolling stock. With innovative predictive analytics technologies improving every day and constraining budgets, the challenges for passenger rail properties are evolving, and so are the ways of overcoming them.

The key to saving millions in maintenance budgets relies in:

  • Incorporating Asset Management Into Fleet Maintenance Practices For Rail Cars, Shops, Infrastructure And Supply Chain
  • Applying Data Analytics And Lifecycle Analysis To Improve Decision-Making And Save Money

For many rail authorities, using outdated practices and technology leads to deferred maintenance and lengthy overhauls, which in the United States alone amounted to costing $86 billion.

American Passenger Rolling Stock 2017: Predictive Maintenance And Asset Management is returning to Washington D.C. on 15-16 March 2017.

Key Learning Takeaways Discussed By Leading Rail Corporations

Keep Maintenance Costs To Minimum: Apply Predictive Maintenance And Data Analytics To All Essential Railcar Parts, Including Propulsion Engines, Air Breaks And Wheels

Achieve Maximum Availability: Fully Optimize Maintenance Planning And Scheduling By Implementing Predictive Maintenance And Data Analytics, Including Rebuild Shops Design And Procurement

Enhance State Of Good Repair: Learn How CBM And Other Innovative Maintenance Strategies Are Helping Amtrak And Transport Authorities Comply With Federal Asset Management Standards

Decrease Procurement Times: Understand The Best Methods To Reduce Supplier Lead-Time And Minimize The Time Railcars Are In Shop To Maximize Fleet Uptime

Streamline Data Analysis: Understand How Other Rail Authorities Are Making The Best Use Of Their Maintenance Data To Quickly And Successfully Diagnose Rolling Stock


Given The Advancements In Data Analytics, CBM And Asset Management It Is Imperative That Rail Authorities…

... understand how to implement successful and economical State Of Good Repair programs designed to minimize maintenance costs and maximize uptime of their rail fleet by breaking down the key challenges within the state of good repair.

American Passenger Rolling Stock 2016: Predictive Maintenance & Asset Management will break down:

  • State of Good Repair
  • Maintenance Practices
  • Workshop Efficiency   
  • Long-Term Asset Management
  • Maintenance Manpower
  • Procurement Optimization
  • Life-Cycle Analysis 
  • Data Analytics 
  • Positive Train Control
  • Training & Recruitment
  • Proactive Vs. Reactive Maintenance

Alstom Transport

"An excellent congress, and one which is very relevant to my position and company's development."


"A great opportunity to meet with peers, discuss experiences, develop and share new ideas. Absolutely essential for anyone who is committed to achieving excellence in maintenance management."


''Well organised conference with comprehensive content for you to take away for your business''

Siemens PLC

''A thought provoking conference that allowed a number of areas to be considered and new ideas to take away''

MetrĂ´ Rio

''High level conference with speakers and chairs showing the innovation and future of rolling stock''


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